• Queer-Femme Comic Series: Paint the Town Red Launches Volume 1.1 On Kickstarter This Valentine’s Day!

    This Valentine’s Day! The Sanity Circus creator Tasha Mukanik and BadMouth creator J.Kiakas come together to create LGBTQ+ monster comic series: Paint the Town Red, first volume launching on Kickstarter February 14, 2019. Answering a growing demand for heartfelt and compelling LGBTQ+ work in the indie comics sphere, Paint the Town Red is a story that, prioritizes a cast of queer characters on a more femme spectrum while maintaining the fun of monster-horror and romance. (And who doesn’t like a good vampire-werewolf love-story?) Paint the Town Red: Volume 1.1 is the first portion of a 3-part introduction to the series. The first volume features werewolf Winona Barlowe as she struggles…

  • 1 Month

    Volume 1.1 Kickstarter — Coming February 14th!